microox heat exchanger from Güntner - Chillventa 2012


Güntner Products with microox technology had their premiere at the Chillventa four years ago. Two years ago Güntner revealed the prototype for the GVHX condenser using microox technology. Markus Kielnhofer, Key Account Manager for Commercial Refrigeration at Güntner, talks to messelive.tv reporter Dr. Susanne Frommert-Triemel about the novelties at Chillventa 2012 concerning microox. He explains, that the customers were very open-minded about the new technology. As a result, the first machines from the series went into operation in January 2011. The GVHX and GVVX units, which have a liquefaction performance of up to 310 kilowatts, now account for about 30 -35% of sales within this performace range. The advantage of the microox-units is their excellent price-performance ratio. Then there's the fact of the reduced refrigerant charge which is due to the use of microchannels - customers save about 70 % tube volume compared to conventional heat exchanger systems; and because the units are made of aluminium they're also significantly lighter. Güntner also announced that as of this October 2012, their units are certified also for the use with flammable refrigerants of the so-called fluid-group 1 in accordance with the EU Pressure Equipment Directive. This is another significant milestone in the development of the microox technology.

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