Innovative air coolers for industrial refrigeration from Güntner


Güntner presents an air cooling unit with variable fans for industrial refrigeration at Chillventa 2012. Different applications mean fans have to meet different demands. For instance, some customers need fans that process a lot of air, others need them to run very quietly, or you might want fans with high external pressure. With its VARIO product line Güntner wants to present the different types with the right fan for each application. For instance, customers might choose the horizontal air-flow, which can be usually found in refrigerating rooms or deep freeze facilities; or customers have the air blowing at a downward angle of 45 degrees - that is used to speed-freeze poultry, for example. There is also unit with 90 degree down-blow which is used in modern cold storage facilities, as Heinz Jackmann, Director of Product Management at Güntner, explains to reporter Dr. Susanne Frommert-Triemel.

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