IFA 2013: Toshiba TransferJet - Wireless high speed data transfer


The TransferJet technology from Toshiba enables high speed and secure data transfer between various devices with transfer rates up to 570 Mbps. Further advantages of TransferJet: it is easy to use and has a low power consumption. Heiner Tendyck, Marketing Engineer at Toshiba Electronics Europe, gives some insights in TransferJet in an interview with messelive.tv's Chief Editor Sebastian Schuster. Furthermore he presents the new TransferJet USB and Micro USB Dongles that can be used to upgrade various devices, like PCs and smartphones, with the TransferJet technology. A further highlight from Toshiba at IFA 2013 is the presentation of a digital kiosk that demonstrates how to buy and transfer a video at a kiosk using the TransferJet technology.

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