EMV 2012 Düsseldorf: The latest EMC highlights and trends


In times of ever increasing technical innovations, challenges for electro-magnetic compatibility are increasing too. It is highly important to avoid disruptions between electric plants themselves. As a discussion platform and showcase for the sector, the EMV Exhibition and Congress regularly presents the latest developments and solutions. And once again the EMV 2012 in Düsseldorf attracted a considerable number of congress participants and exhibition visitors who wanted to get an all-round impression of the latest EMC trends and highlights.As in the previous year, E-mobility was once again one of the central themes of the event. Electric vehicles pose an increased demand on EMC and safety due to ten times higher voltage and currents than before, increased electromagnetic shielding requirements and new recharging technologies. The visitors were able to learn about the latest developments and solutions in this field in the E-mobility Special which was initiated by EMC Test NRW.

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