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TransferJet - an innovative wireless data transmission technology is presented by TOSHIBA at IFA 2012 in Berlin. With a transmission rate of up to 560 Mbps, TransferJet enables a variety of uses. From the simple and fast download of high...
Susanne Frommert im Gespräch mit Markus Halbig von REVOX über die neuesten Produkttrends zur HIGH END: Multiroom-System REVOX M100.
Röhrenverstärker sind sind bekannt für ihre hervorragende Tonqualität. Musical Reality präsentiert auf der HIGH END 2010 erstmalig einen Röhrenverstärker mit USB-Eingang zum direkten Ansachluss an den Laptop oder PC - komplett digital...
The TransferJet technology from Toshiba enables high speed and secure data transfer between various devices with transfer rates up to 570 Mbps. Further advantages of TransferJet: it is easy to use and has a low power consumption. Heiner...
thermowave develops, manufactures and sells premium quality plate heat exchangers for industrial and process applications. The thermoline product line - thermolineEco and thermoClean - are well known nationally and internationally. The company...
Cooling fruits and vegetables properly is quite a sophisticated process in the area of refrigeration, since each variety has very specific requirements. Initial cooling and storage phase cooling are crucial for determining the period the...

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